Monday, July 17, 2006

No Segue

The headlines of my life this week would read like this:
Stars in Eyes Obscuring Vision, Causing Fenderbenders
Injury by Lobster Shell Minor, Sunburned Crustacean Eater Reports
Two Glasses Too Many: Exclusive Sangria Expose
Employment Security Not Enough Anymore
Showers Optional: My Experience in the Coffin Dorm
Well, back to real life, with almost no transition time.  I should have taken the day off from work today; I am happily exhausted, slightly sunburned, and unwilling to sit here at my work computer and focus on data entry (case in point).
The residency was, of course, not at all as bad as I'd feared.  I did manage to have a good time, and learn a hell of a lot.  In addition to breathing, eating, drinking (especially drinking) writing, I did some other stuff too:
Drank some sangria, learned how to "rock block" (demonstrations available upon request), woke up at 3am to drink warm Bud Light and watch the constellations move, ate lobstah, did not check my email for a whole week, got a beautiful letter from my friend in India (but no paper from Ireland yet, hint hint), burned three tanks of gas driving Portland-Freeport-Brunswick-Freeport-Portland every other day, hung out and smoked butts in the garage with the bad kids.
Between the twice-a-year residencies, we Stonecoast MFA students spend the rest of the time working one on one with a mentor.  I'll be working with Lewis Robinson this semester, which should be fabulous.
Also, I quit my day job.  More on that later.


J said...

uhm, what is "rock-block":

Jen said...

I'm not sure I can explain without a visual. Here goes:

Imagine the "that rocks!" heavy metal fingers that look like "I Love You" in sign language. Palm outward with pinky, thumb, and index fingers all extended, the middle two fingers curled downward. Sign of the beast. Motley Crue Rulz. Right?

Now imagine another hand, with the opposite happening--ring and middle fingers sticking up, and pinky, index, and thumb curled down.

Imagine those two shapes interlocking, grasping tight with the thumbs. (You can do it with your own two hands if, like me, you don't have any friends.)

Rock block.

Rock on.


Jakeroo said...

fuck yeah. i'm all in the know...
oh, ps, i think proper rock block ettiquette means showing, not telling. naughty jen. naughty. ;)


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