Friday, July 07, 2006


As of 3 PM today I will be beginning my second 10-day residency at the Stonecoast MFA program.  Over the past month I've been reading in preparation for the seminars I'll be attending, and also reading and commenting on my classmates' manuscripts (and writhing with mortification over the mistakes in the manuscripts I sent in).
I wish I could be more excited about this.  I'm commuting again this time, but there is extra driving because the evening events will be held in Brunswick--and the thought of driving home from Brunswick at midnight four nights in a row is really making me wish I'd dropped the $750 for a dorm room at Bowdoin.  Which I would have done, except that I don't have it.  And I don't have money to go out to eat or drink with the other students, so I'm not anticipating as much fun or liver damage as I experienced in January.  This is not a program for the poverty-stricken, folks.

Although perhaps that is just assumed when I say "Masters in Fine Arts." 
Also, there are about a thousand million billion things I'd rather be doing this week with my vacation time from work, like: swimming, eating popsicles, riding my bike, giving backrubs, getting sunburned, eating lobster (ha ha. just kidding), playing shipwrecked, kissing, making beer, playing guitar...
Ah well... I'll update as I can this week.  I'm sure it'll be more fun than I'm thinking about now.  It pretty much has to be.

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