Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Is it significant that ALL of the pictures I've posted over the last 6 weeks are about food?

Oh yes

Not at all a representation of my incredible Sunday night, in case you were wondering. (via)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Speaking of scarce resources...

The gay marriage campaign cost at least $9.6 million.
Those who supported the repeal of the state's gay-marriage law spent $3.8 million, while those who fought to keep gay marriage on the books spent $5.8 million. Voters repealed the law by a 53-47 percent vote. (via)
In case you were wondering, $9.6 million would buy 3,764,706 gallons of heating oil, pay for food stamps for 18,251 three-person families, or pay 1/40 of the state deficit.

I don't mean to imply that I don't value the work of all of the folks who worked so hard on the campaign. But I am and always have been ambivalent on the issue of marriage itself. And this new information just underscores it all.

My million dollar idea

I think I'd like to start a new online business: comfort food porn.

THE AUDIENCE: Young adults who miss being home--homesick college students, young adults who moved across the country to be away from their families, traveling professionals.

THE SEASON: November-March
THE CONCEPT: Ultra-close photos of regular people interacting with their favorite starchy goodness.
  • people in baggy sweatshirts holding bowls of tuna casserole
  • slovenly parents in pajamas leaning over steamy crockpots
  • women with greasy hair in ponytails eating mashed potatoes
  • a closeup shot of a glistening peanut butter and margarine sandwich
  • men leaned back in barcaloungers with the jar of salsa propped directly below their chins

Would you watch?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Going Cheap! eBay Auction For One (1) Right To Marry

Can I sell mine too? Oh, wait..

Going Cheap! eBay Auction For One (1) Right To Marry: "

eBay, always so handy: “I’m an unmarried heterosexual woman, and since I probably won’t be using my right to get married, I would like to give it away.”


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