Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My million dollar idea

I think I'd like to start a new online business: comfort food porn.

THE AUDIENCE: Young adults who miss being home--homesick college students, young adults who moved across the country to be away from their families, traveling professionals.

THE SEASON: November-March
THE CONCEPT: Ultra-close photos of regular people interacting with their favorite starchy goodness.
  • people in baggy sweatshirts holding bowls of tuna casserole
  • slovenly parents in pajamas leaning over steamy crockpots
  • women with greasy hair in ponytails eating mashed potatoes
  • a closeup shot of a glistening peanut butter and margarine sandwich
  • men leaned back in barcaloungers with the jar of salsa propped directly below their chins

Would you watch?

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