Thursday, July 27, 2006

Breaking News

Holy crap!  Poison and Cinderella are playing at the Tweeter Center on August 5.  I might just have to dig out my hairspray and curling iron and shitty car and haul myself down there.
Dude!  Rock block! 
OK, as you were.


J said...

Uhm, if it was cheap enough, I'd go see that.

I loves me some Brett Michael

Sair said...

How did I *KNOW* that J was going to be one of the first commentators on this post?!?

Jen said...

According to Ticketmaster (yes, I did spend time when I could otherwise have been breathing looking this up) tickets are $30 to $45 depending on whether you want to be under a roof or not.

I'd go if it was $15. But, shit, for 30 bucks we could go to the drive-in *and* get popcorn. Plus all that savings on hairspray.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

I saw both of these bands back in the day: Cinderella opening for Ozzy in '86 and Poison headlining a triple bill with Slaughter and Winger in '91. Wild, wild shows. You shoulda seen how huge my hair was in '86. I think all that Aquanet is the reason I have to wear bifocals now. Great memories, but I'm not sure they're worth the ticket price and the long drive.

Jen said...

I think I was at that Poison/Slaughter/Winger show. It's a little fuzzy (as most of the beginning of that decade is). Good lord. It's a miracle I still have a liver.

Never did get to see Cinderella, but I do still occasionally enjoy singing "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)."

I mean, who doesn't?

CFisher said...

I'm just surprised those guys are still alive. Isn't it funny how bands like this always fall into oblivion for ten or twenty years only to return when they're in their 50s for a "reunion" tour? Just one reason "This Is Spinal Tap" will be remembered as the most accurate hair band film in history.

And speaking of Spinal Tap, I'm going to have to put that one on my Netflix queue. ("And they danced, the li'l people o' stonehenge." Haw haw haw!)

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...


Check out "Still Crazy." It's a little funnier overall and the music is a lot better...eventually.


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