Friday, June 27, 2008


And now speaking with the luxury of free time unhindered by that pesky employment...

The History of Zines (via Critical Mass)

My favorite quote:

By the mid-1990s creative types began wondering why they should mess around with printing and its capital requirements when a free publishing model was available. Zinesters and their younger cohorts began toying with a new medium, the Internet. Content found previously in zines appeared online via the bulletin board and its successor technologies, listservs and newsgroups.

I guess that, typically, here in Maine we were a little behind. In the mid 1990's I had just barely heard of the internet and was typing away on a little BBS called TKO (The Kobayashi Alternative--and if you recognize that reference, you'll know exactly what demographic I was talking to), sending little texty roses @--8-- to other geeky strangers.

My friend/former-roommate/non-sexual-life-partner and I made a zine that had a run here in Portland for a couple of years, but that was the early oughts. And I didn't jump onto blogging until three years ago (good gawd! three years ago!).

Maybe it's just me that's a little behind.

EDIT: A little google research just discovered that TKA still exists! I fell out of my chair when I found it! I may have to arrange a reunion.

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Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

"Maybe it's just me that's a little behind."

Nah, you're in good company.


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