Friday, June 06, 2008

Public Opinion Survey

If you (and by "you" I mean "I") go the wedding of some friends (and by "friends" I mean "people I've known for a long time and whom I really like but whom I don't usually see except when our lives accidentally cross") who are actually not getting married at this wedding because they are actually getting married at a family event later in the month--if you go to this wedding/potluck gathering, are you required to bring a gift? And if so, what kind of gift is appropriate for a potluck gathering/wedding celebration of some genuinely sweet radical folks who definitely aren't registered at Macy's or anything?

Comments are open.

EDIT: After all that, I didn't even end up going. I had one of those days. You know, those days. The ones that prove the truth of Murphy's Law, and make you think maybe it should be renamed Jen's Law. By 1:30, when it was time to go, I honestly couldn't make it off my couch because the previous six hours had been so horrifying. I'll send a card.


bec said...

no, because it's a potluck. if you were to bring something, they might be happy to get something like veggie or flower seeds or veggie seedlings (though seedlings might get neglected in the weeks of wedding chaos). maybe a little pot of mint?

Dawn on MDI said...

Hmmm. I'd say go to the wedding/potluck thing, bring a covered dish kind of meal, something you know is a favorite (if you can do it) and maybe something useful, like a covered dish filled with the ingredients (or the non-perishable ingredients) to make the dish, plus a recipe for the dish. With wedding stuff approaching, they're going to be busy as hell, and a "mix this with that and stick it in the oven" kind of meal might be a real help. Just my thought this afternoon.

j said...

See, I think you need to bring a wedding gift if this is a wedding type activity though it doesn't need to be anything major. Buy them a kleen canteen or a sigg water bottle - plastic is bad for the environment:)

Jen said...

Thanks for the good ideas. I think I might perhaps bring a potted plant of some kind (I like the symbolism of that--growing things) along with my potluck dish. It's the farmer's market tomorrow, so I'll pick out a nice piece of vegetation there.

Who needs Ms. Manners when I have you all. :)

Dawn on MDI said...

It terrifies me to think that I may have offered helpful social advice.

If you've got any sense, you'll be terrified as well.


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