Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I'm working on a queer youth writing project, which has been a lot of fun and I've learned a lot. We've received hundreds of writing submissions from youth all over the country (and Canada, too).

But if this work doesn't break my neck (laptops are not the ideal ergonomic situation) it will definitely break my heart. Remind me to never grow up gay again, OK?

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Dawn on MDI said...

Ah, but at least kids today have mentors and supports that we (us old farts) never had. If we were lucky, someone handed us some literature ("Ruby Fruit Jungle" by RMB for me) and took us to a bar. Gay men were simply brought to a bar or a cruise spot and told to figure it out. Nowadays, kids may face craziness from their families and communities, but they know that somewhere there is hope and safety that we never knew.

People like YOU are that support, that refuge, that shelter. Thank you for the work that you do. You have no idea how important it is. Then again, maybe you know better than anyone.


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