Thursday, January 18, 2007


Yesterday's lesbian radio piece was a stunning success.

Okay, I exaggerate. But we did get one call-in, which is a 100% increase over the number of call-ins there have previously been during my six-month tenure as Lesbian Correspondent.

I think that qualifies it as an Event of Note.

I forgot my data stick/flash drive/flashy flash/thingy at home today so the text is not posted here as promised. But it will be tomorrow. Most likely.

I also lost my day planner yesterday, which leaves me wandering around with that did-I-turn-off-the-oven feeling, even though it has nothing to do with ovens or being away from home. Just the same distracted feeling in the back of my brain that I've forgotten something really important. Which I have. Twice.

Here's a promise for you: a quiz is forthcoming. I'll say nothing more lest I betray myself, but I can tell that all three of you are waiting with baited (bated?) breath.

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