Thursday, January 25, 2007


I decided, just this minute, to buy myself a digital camera if I am still not smoking in six months (that's July, in case you have to count on your fingers like I just did).

Logic: I spend, on average, $10 a week on cigarettes. Yes, my monkey is small, but he's a tenacious little fucker. In six months, that's $240. And that doesn't include the co-pay on extra doctor's visits and prescriptions for my annual bronchitis, nor for the (priceless) wear and tear on the ol' bod. So, even after the roughly $75 I will spend on nicotine gum, I'm still breaking even financially, and might live to see my grandchildren to boot**. Though I'll likely have a newer camera by then.

**Should my daughter choose to someday reproduce, which choice is hers alone. Of course.

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