Friday, January 19, 2007

Quiz, With Prizes

Since I forgot my flashy-flash thing again, it's quiz time.

Please read the following text and choose the correct answer.
Touchables products are designed with your comfort in mind. Soft handles nestle perfectly in the palm of your hand and provide non-slip comfort. You won't want to put them down... We use only the best materials so you can enjoy long-lasting comfort. Touch them. Try them. We're sure you'll agree.

This copy came from a recent holiday gift that I received.

Was it a:

a. snow shovel
b. salad spinner
c. toothbrush
d. vibrator
e. puppy

The first correct answer receives a chapbook-style copy of The Communist Manifesto that I found at the used book store. Or a slightly burned Santa candle. Your choice.

K, you are not allowed to guess.


J said...

This is a hard toss up.

Because both the salad spinner and the shovel could have handles. Well the vibrator too but I'm thinking that's a red herring.

Being as shovels are often marketed to "men" and in a much more masculine tone, my guess would be...

The salad spinner.

Sair said...

I say the shovel.

Marketing people would totally think that you have to create language like that to sell shovels to women. I mean, they'd be right, of course. :)

Anonymous said...

the copy made me think of razors, but that is not a quiz option, so... the toothbrush.

Anonymous said...

This is a trick question. The answer is b and d, because it's a Ronco Combination Vibrator and Salad Spinner.


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