Friday, June 02, 2006

In a Nutshell

Portland has its gay bars, but they're not like city bars. And there's no great variety: there's one for men, another for men in buttoned-up shirts, and a third for thumpa-thumpa men (which on Thursdays turns into a bar for lesbians who don't mind listening to the same five-song crappy pop-rap soundtrack for years at a time). 
via rebecca, all the way from the UK
Uh, yeah.  Although I heard a rumor that Saturday night at the thumpa-thumpa bar may become women's night.  Since I don't go to queer bars any more, I wouldn't really know. 
...actually... I don't go to any bars any more.  Although I did have a frozen margarita at Sebago last weekend (thanks again, Terri).


J said...

Ha. Thanks for showing yourself. S mentioned that you read my blog!

J said...

And, would you like some traffic on this blog? If so, I will happily link you. Would you like to be in the "babymakers" section (more traffic), or the "from my hood" section

Jen said...

either would be ok... though I think other babymakers might be disappointed if they read my blog looking for support for *their* babymaking and realize that my babymaking is all over and my baby is about to go through puberty.

But then again, is Portland really a hood? I wonder....

J said...

there are all kinds of babymakers, both past and present on my blogroll:) I'll toss you there.


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