Friday, June 16, 2006


I am an outspoken supporter of "sun days" to complement the winter's "snow days."  In this state, the good weather is as precious as maple syrup (and almost as much work, if you look at the proportion of cold days to warm ones) and I firmly believe that, occasionally, the entire state should shut down because its citizens are not getting any work done anyway.
Case in point: today.  I keep looking at the sunshine, thinking about tonight's dyke march (7:30 pm, Post Office Park, be there), tomorrow's gay good times... I've only been useful for cruising the internet and cramming in a little work in between.  All of the directors are out of the office, too, so it's just the support staff ( a.k.a. secretaries) left... it's very tempting.  And judging by the relatively few number of phone calls we've gotten today, I'm thinking that everybody else in this whole city feels the same way. 
Sunshine!  Hey you!  Wait for me--I'll just be a few more hours.  OK?
Happy Pride, everyone.  Yeah, it's cheesy, it's corporate, it's homogenizing.  But-- I get to walk down the middle of Congress Street and have people cheer me just because I'm queer.  I don't have to wonder whether I need to come out.  And I get to see every-freaking-body I ever knew (and their lovers).  And drag queens.  Woop woop.

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