Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm With the Band

My non-sexual life partner and her sexual life partner** (who is really more of a partner than me because they live and raise children together) recorded a demo this weekend and gave me a copy.  They're traveling cross-country with two friends and two kids in a van this summer. 
Sometimes I'm really jealous of them, but then I think about four adults and two kids in a van for two months, and I'm not jealous at all any more.  But I'm sure it'll be a grand adventure.
The CD, though... it's really exciting.  I remember when she wrote those songs.  Sigh. 
Sometimes I feel gifted by all the artists and creative folks in my life.  My daughter will grow up knowing that everyone in her life is an artist of some kind, and their art is all over my house: decorating my walls and windowsills and holding my morning coffee and draped gorgeously around my neck and keeping my hands warm and filling up my bookshelf. 
It's a bright spot in all this rain.  It almost makes me forget that my couch is starting to smell like the owners that had it two years ago before I rescued it from the Salvation Army warehouse.  Or that my bathroom towel hasn't completely dried in a week.
**I mean, how much more pomo can I possibly be?  Jeez.

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