Monday, June 19, 2006

Big Gay Weekend

I was too busy being gay this weekend to post... but now that I am back at work, I can take the time to report on the Big Gay Festivities.
Here are my observations from the weekend--
1: Only 2 people from the CCL showed up, as far as anyone knows.  They were documenting away, but looked a little lonely (wistful?).
2: Dykes on bykes rule, but tend to want to drive more quickly than drag queens in heels can march.
3: Beer drunk quickly causes a worse hangover than bourbon sipped slowly.
4: You can see other people's pictures of the day here, here, and here (thanks to the photogs)
5: Contrary to popular belief, wearing an orange mesh vest and directing traffic around the big gay parade is not a great way to meet girls.  It is, however, a really good way to be the target of animosity from irritated drivers and to get a funky-shaped sunburn on the one spot on your shoulder that you missed with the sunscreen.
6: Seeing 90% of your exes in one day can be draining.
7: BIGGEST PARADE EVER--now with dyke features!
8: I heart bellydancers.
9: Friends who will be your surrogate girlfriend for the evening so you don't have to be lonely are the best.
10: The weekend does have to end sometime, even if you stay up really late Sunday night trying to pretend that it doesn't.


J said...

It was a great parade, right???

Good to see you, many times, this weekend.

Jen said...

Indeed... indeed. I'm still rehydrating.

I wish I had spent more time looking at the parade and less time pointing traffic to the left. But I heard it was really good.


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