Saturday, June 09, 2007

Commence the Complaint

So I've been trying very hard not to whine. Sometimes things are easy, sometimes they're hard, and complaining about shit doesn't make it better, plus it drives away your friends.

However, at the risk of whining, I need to explain here the extraordinary concatenation of events leading up to this weekend:

There is this incredibly important event that I'm planning for work. It got fifteen hundred times more complicated about six weeks ago, and now there are two events on the same day, and I'm trying to coordinate over twenty different people representing three agencies, major donors, and a complicated internal hierarchy.

My romantic life is in a shambles (shambles, I tell you!)

I have my final packet of schoolwork due on Sunday, which has meant that I was assigned to write twenty pages of new fiction this month. (I didn't. I only wrote sixteen. But they felt like twenty coming out!)

Finances are more iffy than usual, because

I didn't get my mileage reimbursement.

My mom called.

And, because, I think, the universe hates me, I started my period ONE WEEK EARLY, which means I will be crampy and miserable during what is the most stressful day of my career so far.

If I believed in god I would say that this is some kind of a test. I've been trying to tell myself that it's an opportunity to rise to the occasion and the like, but it's not working all that much.

There. I'm done. Now I'm going to go eat some delicious soy non-dairy frozen dessert. Have good thoughts about the weather for tomorrow, OK?

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