Monday, February 05, 2007

Movin' on Up

Greetings from the land of irritated bloggers.

I have unwillingly been forced into google-dom with this blog. Which means that I can't update it from my work computer (only during my lunch break, of course). Because my work computer has an over-protective firewall that seems to think that gmail and google are satan.

And since there's no internet at home, that means I have to go elsewhere to update this. As in, take a walk in the cold and go to the University. Which I don't do all that often, except today when I happen to be meeting a friend for a delicious Aramark lunch. MMmmmmmm..... Aramark.

Things are looking up, though. My household is slated to move directly into the 21st century in a few weeks, when we will get (drumroll, please) the internet! Right in our house! All the time! I get so excited I almost pee myself every time I think about it.

So I'll be scarce until That Fateful Day, after which I expect that you'll probably have so much of me you'll choke.

1 comment:

bec said...

ooh! I'm vicariously excited for you! not the peeing part, though.


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