Thursday, February 01, 2007

DIY Heaven

I like to make things myself. Why should I pay 2.99 for a fish-scooper (you know, that thing you use when you take the betas out of the bowl to clean it) when I can make one at home? If I had that digital camera, I would take a picture for you of the fish-scooper I made out of a wire hanger and some old pantyhose. Imagine that picture here:

It all fits in with my idea of myself as thrifty and creative. It also contributes to my pack rat habit. (Recently: "I know that this is three years worth of old cooking magazines... but the food porn pictures are so nice! What if I wanted to do an art project with them one day?" and also "Yes we do need six old Dr. Bronner's bottles under the sink. They are handy for if you need to travel and also maybe someday we will begin to buy things in bulk," and also, "Don't throw away that plastic cat-litter container! I want to compost things--uh, someday soon.")

So imagine my delight to come across (via Serious Eats) the Instructables website , which has instructions for making a still out of a rice cooker and a garbage bag, and also for shipping a tiger to Canada.

Good lord, how am I ever going to get any work done now?


Anonymous said...

Is this going to be the theme for the next WT Chronicle?

Kennedy said...

we could make a rocket ship outa that stuff...and when the time is right our rocket-o-stuff can take us back to space!

Jen said...

Ah... WT Chronicles... Those were the days. It seems to have lost its velocity. And a lot of the time I spent doing that are now spent in interpersonal contact with people, which is actually pretty nice, although maybe not as cool in the long run.

But never give up! Perhaps someday soon the WT motivation will return.


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