Wednesday, May 31, 2006


1) How is it possible that last night was the first time in my life I ever made brownies?
2) My pocket-sized organizer handily provides "this date in history" radical-history facts for me every day.  Yesterday, they recognized a gathering of 20,000 people in 1969 to protest the closing of the People's Park in Berkeley, but did not recognize the anniversary of the execution of Joan of Arc.


3) There will be a dyke march in Portland for Pride this year!  More details soon…


4) I sent my last packet of schoolwork yesterday; now all I have to do is read in preparation for my July residency .
5) There's a Rebecca-sized hole in my day.


6) Going to a talk by my buddy Dugan tonight at the Free Space about the history of Portland.   Also, dinner at Tu Casa and, later, hand-drilling rusted bolts to avoid police attention.



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