Monday, May 08, 2006

The Girls are Catching Up Part 2

There's more in the Press Herald today about the study released about how males are "falling behind" women in college because of a disparity in enrollment. 
On the editorial page, Dugan Carlson Slovenski gets hysterical--oops, I mean, upset--about the fact that there are special resources available for women but not for men (like women's studies programs, the Women's Resource Center at USM, and foundations that support the work of women and girls), and blames this lack of attention on men for the reason males' enrollment at Maine public universities is dropping. 
My favorite quote is this one:
Boys need our help. Putting feminists on a task force to study boys was the equivalent of asking the fox to guard the henhouse. Let's not allow overzealous advocates for girls to derail this long overdue look at boys.
It's inevitable that people in power feel threatened when the social order shifts (even slightly).  But it's crazy to suggest that a few years of increased college enrollment has undone thousands of years of patriarchal oppression.
Would someone please direct Mr. Slovenski to a women's studies 101 class?  Please?

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