Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life: It's Just One Thing After Another

The last few months have been a real struggle. I mean, hey, if I can't be honest here, what the heck. Struggle. Yes. It's been one.

My body is still recovering from the celiac, I think (and recover is sort of a misnomer, isn't it, since I'll have it for the rest of my life). I wake up from nightmares that I'm eating bread. I still get glutened despite my best efforts to avoid it. And my immune system is still wacky: I've had a sinus infection, a bladder infection, and an acne breakout. It all makes me feel real sexy! 

In addition, my team (yes, team) of mental health professionals is trying to figure out if I might have a mood disorder, which would not at all be surprising considering my family history; I'm currently on FOUR psych meds, although I'm trying to get down to two. Two seems reasonable, in comparison. But I can't tell if my emotional swings are related to celiac or not, and I suppose I will find out in a year or two (that's how long my nutritionist says it will take for full healing). 

So, for the time being, I self-medicate with youtube videos (babies and kittens, I don't know, who am I) and escape by reading (got a kindle for xmas from my awesome dad) and dig my fingernails in and crawl to the end of every week. It will get better. I know this.


Kirsten said...

Your strength astounds. I'd like to buy you coffee soon and just have normal grownup time. This weekend maybe? Keep it up, sweets. You are amazing.

liam said...

you said it. what the heck, body! and i think it's a sign of a well-crafted support network to have a team of mental wellness providers.

i adore you, friend! i am so glad we spent so much time together today and yesterday.

Jen said...

what the heck!


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