Friday, November 07, 2008

Library Love

We use the library a lot. I get probably 10 books a month, and Daughter gets maybe 5. Plus occasional movie rentals and computer use. Through this long, difficult summer, I would have done something drastic without that unending source of free entertainment. Like, join Landmark, or something.

I found this cool tool on the web that helps calcuate how much library use is worth to you. In our family, the tab would be upwards of $250 a month.

The reasoning of the tool is a little flawed: I wouldn't necessarily buy every book that I read (sometimes I pick a book that I'm not sure I'd like, and why not? it's free!). But it's sobering to think about, because if the library didn't exist, I'd sure be reading a lot less. Like, maybe a 10th of what I read now. And I'd probably be in a cult. Or watching TV. Which is maybe the same thing.

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