Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear God, YES!

Please, let's everybody use bacon to make bowls. No, for real. It would solve global warming (cuz we'd all be dead of heart attacks in five years), plus it would be extra-super-delicious.


Anonymous said...

So I just started on this low sodium healthy eating thing. And now this! My taste buds are doing a crazy happy dance. That looks so GOOD!


Jen said...

Hmm... maybe low-sodium bacon? Fakin' Bacon?

Sorry, Lis, I don't mean to tempt you. It's just... well... bacon trumps friendship sometimes. That's just how it is.

Dawn on MDI said...

Oh. my. god.
Got. to. try. that.

Did I ever tell you about my secret recipe for deep-fried, bacon-wrapped porch chops? My vegetarian, marathon-running physician nearly had a stroke when I told her about them.

Hey, when served with marinara, the tomatoes and garlic make up the difference and it becomes healthy, right? Right? See? I knew it!


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