Thursday, May 15, 2008

Video Store Conundrum

If you think that my writing about the video store takes up a disproportionate amount of this blog, you'd be right. Sort of. I mean, I think the video store should take up zero percent of anybody's blog, and at the same time I can't help myself.

I was at the video store with Daughter a little while ago, treating myself to a the next disk of The Wire. Season 4 is creeping up faster than I'd like. Anyway, this video store has a deal on Thursday nights that you get one movie free with any rental, and if they like you they often charge for the cheaper one and give the new release free.

So I was essentially forced to find another movie. While I was perusing the new releases and the Top 60 shelf, I found myself having a meta-experience, analyzing my movie choice process. (And this is the point at which those who hate navel-gazing click away to naked pictures of Rachael Ray or something. Go ahead. Catch you later.)

My strategy is hampered by the fact that I am in denial about what I actually like for movies. I actually like crime movies, hip foreign films, and everything in the Juno-You And Me And Everyone We Know-Junebug-The Squid and the Whale genre. What do you even call that? Indie? If it has the little Cannes leaf design on it, I'm drawn to it.

I wish that I liked horror movies (I very much like horror books) but I find them too scary. I also wish that I liked documentaries more, but I don't like anything that looks too smug, and documentaries often do.

Comedies? No. Never. I am far. too. serious.

Kids movies? Unfortunately, sometimes. Though not by choice.

Tonight's Selections?

So it goes.

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Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Did you say something? I was busy looking at naked pictures of Rachel Ray.


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