Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Queerbie!

This month is the one year anniversary of the Queerbie!

Gifts in honor of this special occasion are welcome. I would enjoy some bags of potting soil, a haircut, or a black heavy-metal t-shirt.

I think I will go eat some more salted brownies to celebrate (they are far more delicious than they sound, I promise. You know when you can't decide if you want sweet or salty? Or, in the tradition of chocolate-covered pretzels or kettle corn. Mmmm... so good.).

(Confidential to Muffin: Hello! Let's set up a mutual admiration society, yes?)

1 comment:

vrb said...

mutual admiration society sounds like a plan. It must involve singing Dolly Parton songs loudly, okay?


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