Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

When you're gay-for-pay, like me, June is the month that your doctor hands you a bottle of valium and says, "have fun, sugar." Or, rather, you wish she did. If she's like my doctor she says something like, "have you ever thought about yoga?" To which I would like to reply, "yes, I think about yoga a lot. Would you like to provide some free childcare while I go?" But mostly I just nod and try to look thoughtful.

Anyway, what I meant to say was that sometime over the next four weeks I will likely have a complete brain meltdown due to the many convergences of my life (5th grade graduation, pride, other work stuff, presentation of work created by youth supposedly under my supervision). To avoid the dreaded brain collapse syndrome I am taking some precautions:

1. ample supply of valerian pills and sleepytime tea
2. season 2 of will & grace on dvd
3. a stack of novels that are absolutely not related to being queer
4. a little extra money set aside to buy dinner out more than once a month
5. taking a break from some of my extra activities

And sadly, my internet friends, #5 has a direct impact on our relationship. So, we could say, "let's take some time off and check back in a month." Of course, when I have said that to actual people with whom I have actual relationships, I almost never see them again. But I trust that you'll be here waiting, right? I might swing by a few times before then, but no promises.

But I'll have rice krispie treats when I come back, OK?

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