Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Reading the Signs

I am possibly disturbed by the fact that I had to create folders to better manage my feed reader. Am I that kind of person? >identity crisis! identity crisis!<

I did, in fact, take the day off yesterday (not literally; I already had the day off from work, but I stayed in all day and tended to the apt. and the fam). What that meant was that I cooked and hung out with S and facilitated a play date, but also mostly that I sat on my ass in front of the TV all day and knitted. We only get one channel, so I was pretty much at the mercy of WMTW. I even watched the soap operas, producing a kind of nostalgia for my childhood and the times my mom and I would watch Days of Our Lives together (it was on at 9:30 in the morning back then, and we sat together in our one-room cabin and watched it on our black and white tv in the middle of the woods). I recognized a lot of the actors! I wondered what it would be like to make a career out of acting on one soap opera.

I also (oh, the shame!) ended the day by watching Dance War. I actually kind of enjoy live TV. The mistakes that happened made me giggle, but also reminded me that those are real people up there. S and I are firmly for Carrie Ann, but I couldn't bring myself to vote.

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