Saturday, January 26, 2008

Expensive Hobbies

Well, not nearly as glamorous as skiing, or, say, a coke habit. But it is, officially, expensive. I've just purchased a digital voice recorder. It was on sale, blah blah blah. But besides its obvious uses in my new (paying) journalism-type habit and my (as-yet-unpaying) radio work, I really bought it because 1.) I got a graduation gift of cash from an aunt, and 2.) as I was looking at the recorders it suddenly became clear that I needed to make a choice for this kind of life I want to be living (i.e. working p/t and writing for money). And the recorder suddenly epitomized this choice.

Really I shouldn't be spending that kind of money on anything but practical things. We are really living at the far edge of what is financially acceptable--if I was out of work for a week we'd be totally fucked. A used washer & dryer would have been the more practical choice. Or keeping it in savings.

But I felt like I needed to jump, now, to make a positive choice towards what I want for my life. Or else I am a consumer like everyone else and now some Olympus co. executive is a little richer.

Either way, I could potentially be recording everything you say the next time we meet.

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bec said...

Hobby no more! See you on NPR!


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