Sunday, April 08, 2007


A few things:

There is new content at (thx bec), so read to your WT heart's content.

I had a bit of surgery on Friday, but am feeling pretty good, considering. The doctor gave me a little valentine, which I thought was pretty creative of her. Although I wish it was a bunny or a cross. You know, in honor of the holiday:

We watched a whole bunch of movies during the recovery time, which was fun. Sort of. In a turn-off-the-thinker kind of way.

I liked Junebug (nothing speaks to me like movies about familial repression) and Clockwatchers (temps just wanna have fun and be seen as human beings). I did not so much like Max (I fell asleep after just forty-five minutes of virulent anti-Semitism). We also started Born Into Brothels but decided after a few minutes that it would have to wait until later because we were in more of a Snakes on a Plane mood.

I also spent five hours working on my creative thesis, which works out because the first draft is due on Tuesday. It's up to 23 pages. Seven more to go.

Of note:
S is visiting her grandparents this weekend, so it's my first easter ever that didn't start with a sugar rush.

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