Friday, April 27, 2007

The Big Answers

I have always thought the President should get paid minimum wage. I think this would solve the poverty problem almost entirely. Plus, since s/he gets free housing, living on $6.50 an hour should be a piece of cake!

Well, a governor in Oregon (oh, those crazy Oregonians) is living on a food stamp budget for a week (via megnut). Cool. But I wish it was for longer, and I wish it was real. I get $20 a month in food stamps, and I'd love to see anyone live on that.

Reminds me of that blog by that guy who lived on $1 per day for one month. I like this kind of activism.

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bec said...

one of these "cheap living" journalism things really pissed me off recently: an article on doing a "food stamp diet" in the Sacramento News & Review, in which the author apparently had so much difficulty feeding herself on $5/day that she had to give up. My problem is probably more that the author lacks coping skills, and that personally, having $155/mo just for food feels really luxurious.


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