Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not Ferrets

Today's Pet Peeves:

1. Trendily low-cut pants that expose my lower back and which cause a chill

2. Wearing trendy clothes in general

3. Secret frustration that I will never be able to wear truly trendy clothes because I'm too poor and am stuck with one or two fashionable items that must be combined with older, hopefully "classic" articles of clothing, coupled with disdain and disgust for the fact that I would secretly even want to be trendy

4. Reviewing and revising my sexual orientation yet again

5. Figuring out which term best describes me (see #4)

6. Cheap coffee

7. Illness that appears just as it's become completely impossible for me to take any sick time for at least a week

8. That bread at the Eritrean restaurant

9. Not knowing what's going on

10. Knowing what's going on but not being able to do anything with the information

11. Lusting after items in the LL Bean catalogue

12. Wondering if I've sold out because I'm getting paid a decent wage to do what I love

13. Having a conversation with myself that goes something like, "If you're wondering, you probably have," rebutted with "If you really had, you'd probably not even worry about it" (see #1, 2, 3, 11, 12)

14. Missing people who live on the left coast but not getting off my butt to write

15. Early morning discussion about whether the honeymoon is over

16. The honeymoon being over

17. It being cold enough to snow but having no snow on the ground

18. Knowing that there is no way that this year's Holiday Tree can in any way compete with last year's

19. Lists of pet peeves


J said...


we should converse in person about 4/5 it's good when you want to do this but it beeing a peeve? not so much. Come over for dinner.

2/3/11 - Hi, did I mention my recent realization that we're yuppies?

Must disagree with 8, which i'm eating now. yum.

Anonymous said...

Can't help you on the 4/5 thing, but hey, it snowed here yesterday. It was only a dusting and there was rain coming down at the same time, so it didn't last.

When Rowan went up to camp with her grandparents a couple of weeks ago, they got 3 inches of snow.

Jen said...

For clarification:

The peevish part about 4/5 is not *philosophically* about having flexible/changing identity... in theory, I'm totally cool with that.

But you have to know, I'm the kind of person who likes to know exactly what's going to happen, when, and (if possible) what an appropriate response/outfit/feeling/greeting card/meal/existence will be afterward.

It's about my control issues, not about my identity. :)

Sair said...

Get out of my head! :) Not 4/5 so much at the moment - but I've been there before.


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