Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dear Axl Rose... One Day at a Time, Buddy

In the "Sad Heavy Metal Guys" category... Guns n' Roses canceled a show recently at the Civic Center. 

No, it wasn't because the building is the ugliest one ever built, nor because there is ice underneath the floor. 

Not because they are simply coasting on the glory of a decade ago.

Not because they should no longer be calling themselves Guns n' Roses since Axl is the only original remaining member of the band (and what is GNR without Slash, folks?  Nuthin, that's what.)

It was because they couldn't drink onstage.

The first step, Axl, is admitting there's a problem.  Seriously.  Dozens of GNR fans were weeping.

PS: I heart GNR.  I showed my boobs to Axl Rose once at a show (I was fifteen) and Appetite for Destruction is a fantastic album.  But now I'm getting a little embarrassed for them (and not because they saw my bare chest).

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Anonymous said...

Axl Rose is a turd. Guns 'n Roses could have been the Rolling Stones of our generation. Appetite for Destruction was the Exile on Main Street for the '80s. It isn't entirely his fault, but all the other G 'n R records were garbage (except the Live Like a Suicide ep).


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