Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Soleil-1 Mom-0

So, in a previous post I described an intricate and carefully-crafted points system with which I would gently mold my daughter's behavior, using a system of rewards--the end result of which would be a cheerful, well-adjusted, independent girl. 
Ha.  Turns out she's much smarter than I am.
She earned about 45 points (enough to go roller skating and get popcorn), but now refuses to use any of the points and sees no need to earn any more.  The little bag of sugarless gum and hard candy sits forlornly on the shelf; Saturday mornings are cinnamon-roll-less. 
The thing is, she totally called my bluff.  She immediately earned enough points to go roller skating with a friend, and we intended to go, but then it was snowing, and then the next week there was an Orientation Gathering for the Free Space; one thing led to another and the roller skating plan kind of slid off the back burner...
So much for positive behavior modification.  Maybe I should work on modifying my own behavior instead.

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