Sunday, February 13, 2011


Two weeks ago, I got a job at the same homeless shelter where I've been working per diem.  This is wonderful. I am thrilled, love the work, love my co-workers, love the agency... and I'm also exhausted.  This particular kind of work is draining all by itself, as you can imagine, and making the shift from part time to full time work is also quite a transition.  I remember the days (just six months ago! imagine!) when I would work 8 hours and come home with energy to do other things, but I am out of practice, I guess.  I work and come home to cook and be with my family for the minimal amount that is decent, and then I go and sleep like the dead.

When I'm not doing these things, I don't have the energy to concentrate on reading much, so I've been playing video games.  The Princess and I are about 80% of the way to solving Super Mario Bros for wii, and that represents many many hours of playing.  Since Christmas. No matter; I'm sure I'll get my brain back someday.  My supervisor estimates that it takes new caseworkers about two weeks to adjust.  That would put me back to "normal" at the end of next week.

Yeah, I'll keep you posted about that.


When I was in high school I had a serious love affair with Mario 3.  I played it constantly, for hours and hours at a time, until I finished it.  And then I started all over again.  In some ways, this new obsession with playing reminds me of that time: I was the same age that the Teen is now, going through some life difficulties, looking for an escape that was interesting but didn't tax my mind too much, nor make me anxious.

Some other things I'm up to: trying to watch all the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars (4 to go!), trying to cook all of our winter CSA veggies before they go soft, buying the Teen some supplementary Xmas gifts because I have basically usurped hers (the wii).  And working. Yes  But every day I've been taking some time to hang out with Mario, and feeling pretty OK about it.

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