Monday, January 03, 2011

In Sum

I never have seen the point of doing a year in review post before the year is actually over.  What if I did one on December 20 and then something HUGE happened on December 26?  Like I could win $250 in a scratch off ticket!  And then my year in review would have left out a really significant and important part of my year.  So I wait.

Here it is.  2010.
Organs removed: 3
Visits to the ER: 6 (4 for me, 2 for the princess)
Funerals: 1

And also:
Employers: 2
Months spent unemployed: 3
Number of unemployment checks I've received: 1
Books read: approximately 50
Movies seen in the theater: 6
Cell phones ruined: 2
Cell phones purchased: 3

Boxes of peanut brittle eaten: 2
Pairs of glovelets crocheted: 4
Sunburns: 3
Visits to the beach: 4
Dollars spent on car repair: 1000
Weekends as auntie: 3
Babies held: 4

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