Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happiness Survey

A little while ago I agreed to participate in a study that uses my iphone (have I mentioned I got an iphone? iphone iphone iphone) to track my happiness. I responded to short surveys about 80 times over a period of several weeks about what I was doing and how happy I was.

I just got my first report back, and the results are interesting. And, they come in the form of charts, which you know I love.

Though I often feel lonely, I am apparently only slightly happier with others than I am alone:

% Happy

It's no surprise to me that I like small groups bigger than large groups:

# of people interacting with?
% Happy

What is surprising is that the amount of sleep I get has almost nothing to do with my happiness:

Hours of sleep

Have an iphone? Sign up for the survey here. Don't yet have an iphone? Writhe in jealousy, my friend.

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Sarah P-H said...

this is so cool (as is the iPhone). thanks for sharing!


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