Saturday, September 06, 2008


I don't usually post about political things, because other bloggers are faster and better, but I have to mention this. I already disliked Palin for the obvious reasons (anti-feminist, anti-gay, pro-war), but this cements it:

Among other titles, Sarah Palin wanted the Harry Potter series banned from the Wasilla library. It’s a pretty lengthy list including Twelfth Night, Silas Marner, To Kill A Mockingbird, A Wrinkle in Time, Bridge to Terabithia, Confessions by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and the ones you can probably guess.

(via Tomorrow Museum, my new favorite thing on the internet)

CORRECTION: OK, so that's what I get for lazy not-vetting. As Carlita and Joanne helpfully pointed out--and I would have seen if I'd read the original post carefully--Palin didn't actually try to ban these books, but instead asked about how she could go about banning books. And then apparently that thought got injected with some internet craziness and now there are lists of Palin-banned books flying around. It seems that she had the intention or interest, but not the follow-through. I still don't like her, though.


Carlita said...

FYI, if you go back to that blog post now you'll see that the comment listing the titles of books Palin supposedly wanted banned has not been confirmed. However, the very fact that she even inquired about how to remove books from the library is horrifying.

joanne said...

Hi, thanks for the link. But I deleted the post about five minutes after putting it up because I realized the list was fake. Unfortunately it's still a trackback and o on RSS, which I thought would also delete. I agree the fact she inquired into banning books is horrifying enough, but the fake list just muddles the matter. I wish I had stopped to fact check before getting outraged.


Laura D. on MDI said...

The "fake" list is actually real but has nothing to do with Sarah Palin. It is the list of the most banned or challenged books put out by the American Library Association for Banned Books Week.


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