Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have found myself a full-time job, and I start for real tomorrow. I haven't worked full-time in a couple of years, and this job is more hours than the last half-dozen full-time jobs I've had, so I'm a little anxious about what my energy level is going to be like... but it's also exciting.

Remember that consumer urge I was talking about? All of a sudden it's going crazy. I've been living on less than $1,000 per month for several months now, and that leaves no room for extras. And I mean zero. And then suddenly there's the prospect of steady income--and, honestly, more income than I've ever made in my life--and I'm feeling a little shop-happy. I saved my cell phone contract from cancellation by three days, and am considering buying some internet for my house! And maybe even "antenna service" cable! A winter jacket! A long black belted sweater! New tires for the car! A soy milk maker! Some CD's! Plant pots and soil! Composted manure! A small freezer! Christmas presents!

I'm having ridiculous fun mentally spending my new salary, although in truth I probably will talk myself out of all but the most essential. But still, I'll be able to afford the essentials, and that is completely thrilling. As soon as I get paid, that is. Sometime within the next month. Or so.


Dawn on MDI said...

Congratulations on the new job! I knew something good would come along. You are too great a catch to languish for long. Hurrah for you!

toklas23 said...

this is my favorite jenny jeez post in a long time. it's nice to read that relief, and excitement, and *hope* in your words. i'm very, very happy for one deserves this more.

and i'm still dreaming about that homemade beer--don't give up on me yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jen! Congratulations!!!!! That being without a job thing does totally suck! I'm so glad you're back to work, and at a decent salary, too. Hope you love it!



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