Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unexpected Time

I spent almost the entire day on Saturday hanging out with some of the nicest people you can imagine in Ellsworth, Maine. That time, plus the driving time (about six hours total) counted as work time. And since I only work 22.5 hours per week, and there's a holiday tomorrow, so that leaves me with about 5 hours of work to somehow complete between Tuesday and Friday.

Fortunately I think I have an out of town guest taking up some of that time, and it's school vacation week. And I've created a list of projects for myself:

  • build a clothes-drying space in the backyard (something like this that is about two feet wide because my yard, unlike the one pictured below, is about 10X10):

  • bottle the apple wine I made in September
  • build the raised beds in the backyard for herbs and veg
  • go see Girls Rock at The Movies
  • use the grill (got some chicken marinating as we speak)
Because it's unplanned, it's a delicious treat. Better than a full-on vacation with an agenda and lots of travel. Just hanging out at home.


Sarah P-H said...

Um, I kind of want to see that movie! When are you going?

Laura said...

We are some cool people aren't we. We (or I should really just speak for myself) had a great time too thanks for working so diligently.


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