Tuesday, April 29, 2008

There Are Signs

I believe that grunge is coming back.

Evidence #1:
Everyone I know is moving to the northwest.

Evidence #2:
Everyone's also wearing chuck taylors.

Evidence #3:
Plaid galoshes at the big box store.

Evidence #4:
Grunge fonts featured at kottke.

Evidence #5

Evidence #6:
The Girls Rock movie (which um, rocked, btw)

Evidence #7:
Our culture is a culture-regurgitating machine. And since punk and disco and 80's have already been recently spat out, grunge's time may be coming. Puke away, culture. I'll go get my flannel shirt ready.


toklas23 said...

ah, good to know my chuck taylors are fashionable again. 'cause you know, i worry about stuff like that.



Dawn on MDI said...

It is sad to be so (pop) culturally illiterate. Chuck Taylors are shoes, I understand, but what kind?

Sigh. I am officially an old fart.

At least I know what flannel is.


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