Monday, November 26, 2007

If You Have to Shop

I'm all for handmade presents... but in case you're, like, wicked busy, or un-crafty, or (like me) have family members who look at handmade objects like you stabbed them in the heart with it, check out these shopping guidelines so that your dollars go responsibly.

There is a website that does research for you, listing the best and worst retailers based on their responsiveness to 5 issues: Human Rights (sweatshops, 3rd world community exploitation, international health issues, divestment, child labor, code of conduct; the Environment (global warming, rainforest destruction, pollution, recycling, renewable energy, greenwashing, toxic waste, eco-innovations, illegal dumping, sustainable farming); Animal Protection (factory farming, animal testing, humane treatment, wild animal habitat;Community Involvement (family farms, local business support, volunteer efforts, sustainable growth, philanthropic donations, nonprofit alliances, establishing foundations) and Social Justice (fair wages, fatalities, union busting efforts, health & safety records, discrimination based on: race, gender, age, ability, religion, sexuality, ethnicity).

And the top ten winners are (drumroll, preferably on a recycled cooking pot, please)...

Shocking. OK, and the 10 worst companies are...Again, shocking.

OK, go forth and consume. (But I'd take a hat you made for me. Or some dilly beans. Or a gift certificate for some free babysitting.)

Thanks to Maine Gaynet for the info. :)


j said...

Or, even more responsible, shop from stores, and buy from a real live person who made the good for you:)

Me? I'm making most of my gifts this year.

dani said...

I love your homemade gifts! Atleast you have the motivation to make them. I always settle for a card or cookies. Cheap and easy.

Bridgey-poo said...

Jen! Hi! I just found your blog via the Live Journal site that Erin Underwood put up for Stonecoast. (Super good of her.) I've read about five of your entries. Very very good! I'm putting you on my RSS feed!
as far as this post goes: I'm making all homemade gifts this year, too. But if you know anyone who can afford, point them to the store I work for: . (Sorry for the gratuitous plugging, but it's new and needs as much exposure as possible... :) )
See you in less than a month!!!


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