Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I was looking at this link which shows pictures of the food average families all over the world eat in a week. It's in French, but you can still look at the pictures even if you're not multilingal. (And thanks to rebecca for pointing it out).

So I've mentioned before that being in a relationship really brings my *ahem* issues into focus. Living alone (well, with child) for the past five years, I really settled into my own habits and routines, and they did not brush up against anyone else's, mostly. Nor did they seem outrageous, or strange, because there was no point of reference.

What has become clear to me recently is that I have some food issues. I mean, Food Issues.

It works out that K despises grocery shopping, because it seems that I really, REALLY like to do it. I see it as a challenge: OK, we have $50 this week, how can I come up with seven meals and lunches in a healthy, environmentally friendly way? Which usually means buying exactly what we will eat and not a pinch more, bulk food whenever possible, lots of whole grains, and everything else generic.

Which all sounds great, except that I kind of... well... have a hard time with the exceptions to that. For example, it's perfectly logical for me to want the package of Name Brand Organic Brown Rice Lightly Salted Rice Cakes for $3.49 (my not-so-secret and kind-of-boring vice), but if my daughter wants the Froot Loops for $3.49 I veto the choice. Or if K wants the Asian Rice Snacks for the same amount, I will mount a long and difficult argument against it that cannot be won in any satisfactory way for anybody.

Also, this kind of food is not necessarily my family's favorite. Which is a problem. I mean, can I really buy rice-a-roni and not feel like I'm personally responsible for global warming and the dangerous habit of gluttonous consumerism? The answer, folks, is no. No, I can't.

In addition, any kind of waste makes me feel like my world is tilting. If, by chance, we should have to throw away any of the food that I felt was unnecessary in the first place, I am victorious in a kind of twisted way. And if it was food that I chose, well... anyone makes mistakes, right?

And it's all compounded by the panic I feel when we run out of a staple, like milk. Or coffee. It's totally irrational, since there's a convenience store right next door. But there it is.

The long and short of it is that it's a good thing K and S are good sports and like bulgur. Or pretend to. Because the kitchen is mine, and my control issues about it are way to big to fight with right now.

Plus, I'm always right anyway. Mostly.

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