Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hey, Sweetie? Did we pack the presents?

The title of this post is what I said to K minutes before we arrived at her family Christmas gathering north of Waterville on Christmas Eve. We were to spend the night and have Christmas morning with K's parents.

And the answer was no.

We had forgotten the presents that were supposed to be from the Big Red Suit Guy because they were hidden in the closet, where they would not be seen by suspicious little eyes. Nor by hurried car-packers, apparently.

After the family party, K and her Dad drove all the way to Portland and back (3 hours) to pick them up. After which we wrapped them (they had not yet been wrapped because S is getting better and better at spotting Santa inconsistencies--like the fact that he sometimes uses the same wrapping paper as mom, so we were going to borrow some paper). Then we got a solid three hours of sleep before little miss sunshine woke up for the gift-unwrapping frenzy.

I'm going to remind her of that when she someday tells us that we never do anything for her.

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