Friday, April 28, 2006

Your Black Bandana Indicates Nothing About You As A Person

Well, mostly excellent.  This guy needs an editor, but his ideas are good.
"While style can be seen as a small tactic of resistance and identity formation, it is also an economy of difference. We learn who we are, in large part, by declaring specifically who we are not ... To what degree does capital rigidify notions of identity for the sake of consumption? ... finding an "outside" community to participate in is a genuine reaction. However, as we get older and the positioning of outside becomes naturalized in the manner in which we navigate the world, a strange confusion takes hold."

"To what degree are our ideological positions style choices? To what degree are identities of vegan, straight-edge, hippie, non-violent, pro-choice, anarchist, leftist, tactical mediatition, lifestyle anarchist, squatter, black bloc, Earth First, just a tad bit removed from skater, punk, raver, gangster? Are these really positions or are they a way for us to carve out a personal niche in the activist "scene"?... Is it really that radical to introduce new forms of "style" to protests?... Finally, to what degree do our "radical" politics replicate the subculture capitalism that we have been brought up on?"


"... pragmatic solutions are not necessarily as chic as we might like them to be. Operating in the radical aesthetic terrain, we must constantly be on the watch for our own predatory capitalist tendencies and the methods by which ideological posturing are only a veneer for new identity culdesacs."

Damn skippy.

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