Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Life... It's Just One Thing After Another

Today is the day when we will be putting my cat Taz to sleep.  He's 11, and he has cancer.  He's lost 9 pounds in the last month and now he looks like a bad drawing of what he used to be, which was badass. 
Of course, this experience is all about S, her grief, her loss, her first real experience with death.  The questions it brings up: should she know?  should she watch?  how much should I tell her?  My tactic so far has been to tell the truth, since in my experience whatever I can imagine is usually worse than the real thing.  And anyway, that's my tactic in general.  (Except for the whole S. Claus and E. Bunny thing, which is all over now anyway since I decided not to celebrate any more christian holidays.)
I also got a phone call at 7 this morning (those early morning phone calls are never good news, are they?).  It was my aunt, telling me that a second cousin died in a car accident last night.  I never was very close to him, buy my other cousin J was, and all of my dad's brothers and sisters, etc.  But there will be services and all later this week... he was just 19.
Good golly... just one thing after another.

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