Monday, December 05, 2011

Oh, facebook

So I actually went out on Friday night to the artwalk, which isn't something I do all the time... Although when I do, it always seems to be winter. The truth is I don't like crowds, and getting tipsy on free, cheap wine is actually something to be weighed against the hangover that comes from free, cheap wine. My, how times have changed.

I had read about this facebook project, and was kind of excited to be interviewed for part of it (although really I did it to get yet another awkward picture of me posted online) at the artwalk last week. My photo (awkward!) is up on the facebook page of the facebook project, but none of my lengthy "one or two sentences" answer is attached yet.

I have been trying to figure out whether the project is completely masturbatory, or if it's the kind of sociographic-ish thing I'm into, and I haven't made up my mind. In its favor, I like art that is participatory, and I get really excited about anything that has the vaguest whiff of radio about it, which the recorder that was used to capture my half-formed ramblings about facebook friendship did. I'm looking forward to see where this project goes.

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