Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well, *that* happened.  Now that summer's over I can take a look back at it and think, "holy shit, I hope that never ever happens again."

In one way it was good: I have always associated fall as the season of death and loss, and this year has proven to me that summer can be just as horrific.  I'm going to take winter and spring and hide them in a sad-proof safe, so that I have something to look forward to.

I've also been taking steps to care for myself during this time: I went back on antidepressants for the time being, I got a lovely new tattoo, and I've been consciously trying to spend time every day doing at least one thing that I like (usually it's reading, but sometimes cooking, watching movies, walking, going out to eat, listening to podcasts).  Now that it's getting cooler, I'll probably add yarncraft to that list as well.

I also submitted a poem to a magazine--the first thing I've sent out in more than a year--and it was accepted, which was a wonderful confidence boost.  You can look for my poem in the inaugural issue of Salacious magazine in January.

While I wait for all of this to take effect, I'm just pushing along.  What else do you do?

EDIT: Updated to include the link to Salacious.  SALACIOUS!

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