Tuesday, July 06, 2010


She preys on innocent victims, waiting for them in the shadow of an alley, crouching under the stairs, lying flat beneath a car with a handful of knives.  Unaware, they walk about their silly nighttime business until she decides they've had enough; with the stone hand of an angel she reaches out and snuffs their small dreams.  But death is not enough for this yellow-eyed beauty.  She desires their screams, thrills in their delusions of escape.  She'll toy with them until they are exhausted and wild-eyed, and snap their necks with a casual smack. Then, with the wind tickling her ears, she'll drag her victim to the backyard, to display the gruesome work to her tall gods.

But they are indifferent to her bloody gifts. Each new body is disappeared into a silent grave, with no acknowledgement of her effort.  She decides to go for larger prey.  Perhaps the tall ones require more flesh.

The body is so large it is difficult to drag through the dawn-damp grass, and the sharp teeth of her victim gleam through his slack mouth.  This one she found thieving in a trash-strewn backyard; the world will be glad to be rid of him. When she finally places her offering in the center circle of the gods' gathering place she is exhausted, but she waits to see their response.

Again she is disappointed.  The gift is buried, far from the garden, without touching the mouths of her masters.  They are cruel gods.  But she will keep trying... Keep killing... Trying to please them...


Anonymous said...

this is great....!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is offensive and wrong.