Tuesday, February 02, 2010


During Oscar season, I like to try to see all of the best picture-nominated films, mostly because the Nickelodeon** runs them all in February, and they have cheap movie night on Tuesdays. But there are SO MANY this year! TEN! There's no way I can see all of those.

Luckily I saw a few over the course of the year, so my list is down to 5--at least possible. Unfortunately for me, it looks like I better make sure I'm in a happy place before I start out on my Oscar Adventure, because these movies all look a little... uh... suicide-inducing upsetting. Except maybe Up in the Air?

Best Picture
  • Avatar I saw this with the kiddo and my girl. The movie was SO funny. I don't know why the tween was so upset with us for laughing so much.
    The Blind Side Refuse to see.
    District 9 I saw this one and kind of enjoyed it... but too much thinking is required to appreciate this film for it to win. And I thought it was a little dumb, but better than most movies.
    An Education
    The Hurt Locker
    Inglourious Basterds
    A Serious ManLOVED this movie, but again with the too much thinking. The folks I watched it with did NOT love it, and I felt like a nerd for liking it.
    Up OK, yes.
    Up in the Air A girl from Portland is in this movie. On that basis alone it should win, right?

  • UPDATE: Today's Press Herald has an article about the Portland girl.

    **Hey. Remember when the Nickelodeon was $2 per sticky seat? God, I miss that.

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    brokebackbutch said...

    A Serious Man- I would like to note: a JEW did not enjoy ;) perhaps it was the glimpse into exotic hebrew world, that you enjoyed so ;)


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