Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poor & female & queer

Last week (one week ago tomorrow, actually, when I was just starting to have a sense that I might be sick) I participated in a local history project of Sisters, the dyke bar (RIP). The project is being conducted through a series of interviews by Clare Forstie, a graduate student at USM. I was thrilled to help--and, to be honest, a little jealous that I hadn't thought of the idea first.

During the interview I talked a bit about why Sisters closed. I have always thought that a lesbian-oriented venture will have a harder road because women are, in general, poorer than men, and lesbians are poorer than women in general. This is something I've observed, and something I know to be true, but now there's proof.
About 24 percent of lesbians and bisexual women are poor, compared to 19 percent of straight women, the study says. About 15 percent of gay and bisexual men are living in poverty, a rate that’s akin to the 13 percent of straight men who are poor, the report says.
(Washington Blade, via)
I can't wait to go read the whole thing, and you can too, here.

(h/t to Sarah)


Dawn on MDI said...

of course drama had nothing to do with the demise of any lesbian enterprise... ever!

Jen said...

No! Drama? At Sisters? Never! LOL...

I should have said, "*one* of the reasons it closed..." There were many, and they were complex.

But not having disposable income was one of the reasons I often stayed away. In fact, I probably wouldn't have gone at all if I didn't get paid to be there.


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